Donate Tissue

Urgently Needed: Additional fresh frozen SNUC tumor biopsy samples.

In order to draw meaningful conclusions, we need to sequence SNUC tumor samples from as many different patients as possible. It does not matter whether the cancer has been treated, but it is very helpful to have the tissue frozen immediately on collection. Anyone who is a recently diagnosed SNUC patient or a friend or relative of one, please contact us at admin@cabrimed .org

In addition to this sequencing initiative, experience from many other cancer fields reminds us of the critical value of stable, tumor-specific cell lines. Although unsuccessful in the past, we have renewed our efforts to culture SNUC tumor cells using newer methods that were not tried in the past. A stable tumor cell line is invaluable as a laboratory model for the testing and screening of cancer therapies, weather they are novel ones being tried for the first time or existing chemotherapies being evaluated for efficacy against SNUC.