CaBRI testing confirms negligence – or worse – in Ottawa fertility clinic

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Women who receive donor sperm should be protected from both genetic and infectious diseases. They should also be assured that the male they have selected is actually used for the procedure. It is unfortunate that only one of these basic principles – safety from infection – is adequately addressed by FDA regulations. Until basic safeguards are put in place, CaBRI will continue to urge all women undergoing insemination to save a residual sample from their semen vial. This will insure that a clear chain of evidence can be constructed whenever negligence, substitution or fraud contaminates the conception process, as in the case above.


All families who have used the Broadview Fertility Clinic in the province of Ontario, Canada, or who have offspring purported to be from Repro Med Donor 3168 may wish to submit DNA samples for testing.

To receive permission to have the DNA test compared to Repro Med Donor 3168, concerned families must contact Pam MacEachern the lawyer acting on behalf of a family in a lawsuit against Dr. Barwin and the Broadview Clinic.

Please contact Pam at the address given below. There will be no legal fees charged for this communication.

Contact Audra Skaryd at CaBRI if you would like to have more information about testing your own or your child’s DNA.

Pam MacEachern
Nelligan O’Brien Payne
50 O'Connor, Suite 1500
Ottawa, ON
K1P 6L2 Canada