Undergraduate Research Grant

Program Overview

The CaBRI Undergraduate Research Grant is designed to assist undergraduate students fulfill the requirements of completing an independent research project in their major field of study as defined by their university.

The research supported by the award should pertain a relevant field of biological sciences with a goal toward solving problems associated with unmet biomedical needs.


CaBRI Undergraduate Research award is open to college undergraduate students attending US research institutions entering their sophomore, junior, or senior years of study.

The Principal Investigator (PI) overseeing the CaBRI undergraduate award may be of any career stage who is appropriately trained to lead an independent research laboratory and is permitted by their institution to supervise undergraduate student research projects.


Funds are to be used for research performed by or travel for the undergraduate student. Funds may be used as a stipend for the student when deemed appropriate by University or departmental regulations in regards to senior thesis course work.

CaBRI does not fund excessive institutional overheads. CaBRI normally accepts no more than 10% institutional overhead.

Application Instructions

Both the student and PI are required to fill out their respective grant applications. The deadline for applications is September 21st. Rewards will be made available to students beginning the Fall quarter/semester of study.

Students: Please use our Undergraduate Research Proposal Application for Students

Principal Investigators: Please use our Undergraduate Research Proposal Application for PIs